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I spent this past weekend as a guest in the home of a Super Cook. This is someone who was trained by

his grandma, has been cooking most of his life, AND is enthusiastic about trying new recipes and cooking

styles. This means he does comfort food, hoity toity gastro, and combinations of both with delicious


This weekend he introduced me to the Monte Cristo Sandwich. Have you heard of this? It sounded

vaguely familiar to me, but I had not had the pleasure of eating one until Sunday. It looks like a Dagwood

sandwich had a baby with a grilled cheese sandwich and then it rolled in jelly. I don’t know why it’s

named after a character in a French novel, because it was created in the US (according to Google).

Maybe it’s an American way of saying “Hey Chief Pepe! You think you frenchies can cook? Check out this

orgasmic sandwich.” Just a guess.

Here’s the basic recipe as I understand it:

Sliced bread



Cooked sliced ham (lots)

Cooked sliced turkey (lots)

Sliced cheese (even more)


Milk (Use whole milk. At this point, what difference does it make.)

Various spices (Whatever and wherever you see fit; cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla in the egg/milk mixture,

fancy mayonnaise, etc.)


Jam or jelly

You make a sandwich with the bread, mayo, mustard, cheese, and meats, then dunk the whole thing

in egg/milk mixture, then fry it with lots of butter and serve it with a splop of your favorite jam or jelly.

My host served his Monte Cristo sandwiches with bacon, home-fried potatoes, and fruit on the side.

Good Lord, I was food drunk for several hours. I decided not to even attempt figuring the calories

because my calculator doesn’t go that high. But, yeah, it was worth it.

Thank you for visiting.


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