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Bringing back the art of gracious visiting

Welcome to my Blog, I’m Kiki.

I’ve lived on the East and West Coasts of the United States and several places in between. I’ve hosted more than a thousand houseguests and been a houseguest almost as often. I’ve had excellent houseguests, I’ve had bad houseguests. I’ve been a good houseguest and, sad to say, I’ve been a not-so-great houseguest.

I have discovered that, because you’re sharing your most intimate space, being a houseguest and hosting houseguests, is a deeply personal experience. Everyone has different sensibilities and sometimes they don’t match up when you put them all under one roof.

What I want to do with this blog is share my experience, and those of others, and come up with some best practices that can be applied to those who participate in one of the oldest methods of lodging, staying in the home of someone you know. In the process perhaps we can bring back the art of gracious visiting.

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