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Spring Break, Disney World, and House Guests…Are you Prince Charming or Mickey Mouse?

We’re in the thick of spring break and for some that means a trip to Disney World or other major attractions. I interviewed a hostess who lived within striking distance of three theme parks and hosted a lot of guests as a result. She offers some really good insight from the hostess’ POV.

LG lived near within 30 minutes of Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios  for 31 years and during that time hosted about 125 houseguests who went to the parks.

Question: From the perspective of a hostess, what advice do you have for houseguests attending Disney World?

Answer: “The biggest thing to remember is that as a guest this is your wonderful vacation week, but for the host, it’s one of 4-8 weeks of house guests per year. Your host can’t treat every visit as their own vacation.” “We can pick you up from airport, but need our cars during the week, so provide your own transportation  please.”

Question:  What is an example of a good Disney World houseguest?

Answer: “Independent-go to parks by themselves, prepare own breakfast and lunch, grocery shop for own snacks & drinks, entertain themselves when host needs to run errands, work from home.

Spend some time with hosts and at least act like you’re visiting to see hosts as well as the theme parks. ;-)”

Question: What is an example of a bad Disney World houseguest?

Answer: “Don’t treat the host’s house like a hotel. Please don’t expect the host to clean, constantly cook, pick up your towels, do laundry, etc.”

Question: What do you like best for a hostess gift?

Answer: “Offering to host one dinner, either in a restaurant or grocery shop& cook,  is a nice thank you.”

Question: Anything else you’d like to say that I haven’t thought of?

Answer: “Ask the host what s/he wants done with the towels and sheets. Stripping the beds and putting dirty sheets in a pillowcase placed in the laundry room is a big help. If you have time, putting new sheets on the bed will make you a guest angel.  Some hosts may want you to start the towels in the washer.”

Thank you to LG for her thoughtful answers, and to her sister for putting us in touch with each other.

I’ll have my question of the week on Friday.

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