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My Question of the week comes from Charles in Virginia.

“Any words of wisdom for someone traveling with their significant other? My girlfriend and I are very serious, but not yet married. There is always an awkward moment when arriving at someone’s house, especially that of an older relative, where I wonder whether I’m meant to put our bags in the same room or not. On the flip side, as a host, when is it not ok to impose your sensibilities on your guests?”

Here are my thoughts for the house guests; If the host prepares two separate spaces, you use them both. Their house, their sensibilities. One way to address the suitcase dilemma, is to stand there holding your bags and wait for the host to direct you to your room(s), which they will do eventually unless they want you to sleep in the entry way. Often a host will prepare two spaces and tactfully suggest you don’t have to use them both. When in doubt use them both!

Here are my thoughts for the host/hostesses; Your house, your sensibilities. No need to make a fuss or start citing scripture, just show them to their room(s). There is a slim chance the guests are more comfortable sleeping separately, which happens to us a lot with married couples. I provide a pillow and blankets for the comfy couch in the family room just in case. We have a large sectional couch that is famous in these parts and known as “couchasaurus,” because it is large, grey, and swallows you whole while you’re watching TV.

Any thoughts from my followers?

Thank you for visiting and I’ll have my Easter post on Wednesday.




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