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The Question of the Week comes from Ellen in Virginia.

“I recently attended a reunion weekend of some of my college sorority sisters at a lovely beach house that one of the “girls” had rented.  There were about 15 of us there, and it was great to see everyone after over 30 years!  Two of my sorority sisters are now obviously and openly a lesbian couple.  (I didn’t know about this until arriving, and I didn’t say anything to acknowledge their relationship because I just didn’t know what to say.  This was a taboo topic when we were all in college in the 1970’s).  What advice do you have, if any?  I felt like I should have offered some kind of congratulations, but didn’t want to say the wrong thing.  Help!”

My first thought is that all of you have the same generational perspective. These ladies are well aware of the taboos you all grew up with and have had to face them on a regular basis. I would wait for an opportunity when you can speak to one or both of them in private, acknowledge that you are feeling a little awkward, and say you are genuinely glad they are in a loving supportive relationship.

I also want to take this opportunity to reach out to my younger readers to help them understand that, like Ellen, most baby boomers are pretty accepting of healthy relationships regardless of gender or race. In fact most of us are truly happy that folks can now live honestly from an early age. It avoids so much pain and nonsense. While we welcome this healthy societal change, it is still relatively new to us and we need you to understand that we may not always react as naturally or nonchalantly as you do. So please, give us the benefit of the doubt and help us out.

I think the lyrics below from the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

sort of sum it up.

Do you need anybody?

I just need someone to love.

Could it be anybody?

I want somebody to love.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends,

Mm, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends,

Oh, I get high with a little help from my friends.

Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends

With a little help from my friends.


From the album Sgt. Pepper’s

Lonely Hearts Club Band

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